Education Without Boundaries

The University of Greenwich is a place for minds to meet, ideas to spark and new adventures to begin which is why we pride ourselves on providing our students with an education without boundaries. To us, this means students experiencing university to its fullest and achieving their ambitions.

Crowdfunding enables this vision by offering a new innovative way for our students to finance projects that bring their university experience to life – and gives them an excellent way to develop skills, from marketing to project management and professional networking.

It offers Greenwich alumni and friends an engaging and community-spirited experience, and we hope that you find a cause you want to support. Each individual gift, no matter how small, plays its role in helping students achieve their goals.

This summer, Greenwich launched an initial nine student and university crowdfunding projects. Campaigns are now closed with a new wave of student projects coming in September.

You do not have to wait until September to support Greenwich students – consider joining our community of supporters who empower and enable our students to seize every opportunity possible by giving to one of the projects we fundraise for all year round.

Thank you for supporting the first wave of projects