Crowdfunding has raised millions of pounds for charities and enterprises across the UK and beyond. It demonstrates the power of our community when it comes together to support one another. 

We have prepared this list of frequently asked questions and answers for donors and those considering making a gift. If you have any questions, please contact fundraising@gre.ac.uk.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding seeks donations from a wide community of supporters who care about your project. Through crowdfunding, student and staff projects are funded when a large part of the community come together to make financial contributions.

Why would I support crowdfunding?

There are many reasons! Each project is different and most will only receive up to a third of funding through friends and family. However, all projects align with our strategy and values. We are confident that projects resonate with our wider community as well as alumni, who were active members of their own student communities. 

What is Give 365?

Greenwich has a handful of projects that we fundraise for all year round, including scholarships. We want to ensure our supporters have the opportunity to contribute to the campaigns they most care about at any part of the year. Our Give 365 projects are managed by the Alumni and Development team.

Who can create a crowdfunding campaign?

Only current students and staff can lead crowdfunding projects via this platform. All projects must serve the University community and align with our values.

Does it cost students and staff to use the platform?

No, the Alumni and Development team covers all the fees and platform costs, so whatever funds you donate will go directly to your chosen project.

Where does my donation go?

All of it goes to the project you have funded. You will receive an update letting you know how your contribution made a difference.

Does the project need to raise 100% of its target to receive funding?

No, we do not operate an All or Nothing approach. However, if the project cannot go ahead, funds will be returned. All giving rewards and incentives must be fulfilled regardless of how much money the campaign raises.

Do all projects offer giving rewards or incentives?

No, these are not compulsory and depending on the project, they can be complicated to organise. However, all projects include donor recognition via the campaign page, the annual alumni magazine's supporter roll and forthcoming events.

Can I claim Gift Aid?

Yes. The University of Greenwich has charitable status for all UK tax purposes. So, if you are eligible for the Gift Aid scheme, Greenwich can claim an extra 25% on your donation.

Can I give from outside of the UK?

Yes, although donors who pay taxes in other countries should review local tax laws and regulations or consult a professional tax advisor regarding their gift.

Is my donation secure?

Yes – all payments are securely processed through our usual online giving channels provided by Blackbaud Payment Services, which complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

I have another question.

Feel free to contact the Alumni and Fundrdaising Team via email at fundraising@gre.ac.uk.